Camping in thoughts of the unknown

This first development of a new dance theatre work evolved from a series of letters between Hanna and Alicia. They both felt that the patient and listening ear of a letter is an inviting place to dig deeper and uncover life. Then they thought that some people write letters but other people go camping. Here are some one liners that featured in this dancing, camping, letter writing mash up.

Dear Hanna,

“The thing that I respect about letter writing is that when you write your thoughts down you get the chance to take back and edit”

Dear Alicia

“…I’m not sure where I got the idea from but I’m going to blame Peter Combe.”

Dear Hanna

“I never thought about what it meant at the time, they were just lying there”

Dear Alicia

“…because right from an early age I use to draw people naked”

Dear Hanna

“As you know I have faith in Jesus but I don’t profess to have all the answers..”

Dear Alicia

“And what if really we are just little ants and…no one is up there directing us?”


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