A simple cookie or 1000 reasons why there does not need to be war

The ANZAC cookie (or would an Aussie say ‘biscuit’) is a simple cookie. Just take rolled oats, plain flour, coconut, golden syrup, water, bicarb soda and…  mix and bake. But what is the recipe for meaningful movement??

In September 2013, I collaborated and was coached by Silke Celeste Mehler and the proposed research was  ‘looking for meaning in retrospect to the making’. Simple cookie tasks were undertaken to stimulate creativity and imagination. Simple sequenced superfluous expressions of nonsense were seemingly produced.  The vision was to read and relate to the creations in retrospect and hopefully see the meaning that already existing. We then attempted to make subtle manipulations to the sequences to turn it into a journey of touching experiences and to became rich in associative possibilities or mesmerizing in it’s simplicity.

So… what did we see? What already existed?

What we saw was just part of the process but the result became a 20 minute work with two names “Simple cookie or 1000 reasons why there does not need to be war”.

You can see a casual showing of the work on November 8th at 7:30pm.

Address: Amsterdam Broedplaats HW10, Hendrik van Wijnstraat 10.


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