Prue Lang – Sustainable dance

As a dancer I often think about food in terms of how long it will sustain me. I must consider whether I am doing heavy or light training or long or short rehearsals to make the appropriate choice regarding what to eat.  Sustainability in dance is very important to me because feelings of hunger greatly distract me from my work.

Today though, I forgot to have lunch and yet…. I was completely sustained.

The moment you realise something else has sustained you, are moments when you realise you were captivated by ideas bigger than yourself. Today I met with choreogrpaher and dancer Prue Lang and she shared about her work and it was food to my soul.

I had the privileged to sit on a sunny bench at Brussel’s famous P.A.R.T.S dance school and chat with Ms Lang about her work and practise. In 2008 she started “investigating human activity as a renewable source of energy and re-thinking habitual modes of theatre production, Lang creates an autonomous performance that runs 100% on its own energy. In collaboration with performers Nina Vallon and Vanessa Le Mat, and engineer-inventors Charles Goyard and Amanda ParkesUn reseau Translucide is a work that poses the question ‘how do we make performances for the future?’ Developing a choreographic system in which the performers also generate the electricity, the work examines the relationship between the body and its environment, while opening up a dialogue on sustainable development in artistic practice” (

Her newest work TimeProject will be shown in Paris in November and will continue her research into the body as a generator of energy.

Accompanying her artistic creations, Prue Lang and company have developed numerous Green guidelines that promote environmental choices in all elements of theatre practise.

Thank You Prue Lang and team for your inspiring creations

Sustainability as both artistic content and organisational practise is something worth looking into.

Here are two leading organisations to be inspired and learn from.

Julie’s Bicylce

Imagine 2020


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