Adelaide Airport Tandem Exhibition

Adelaide – a city dancing with bicycles

This January, the quickest way around Adelaide was by bicycle. The Tour Down Under ruled the roads and the lycra was sweating. All over the city, local councils hosted bicycle themed art exhibitions and the Adelaide Airport welcomed it thousands of guests with bicycle themed wall dressings and a bicycle dance.

Two years ago I became concerned for the extreme excess fuel consumption and pollution of our road vehicles. My husband and I decided to give up our car for the year and bicycles became our primary transportation. With each pedal and change of gear I was aware that devises driven by mechanical mechanisms seems so backwards especially when we imagine churning milk or clogs turning watches but riding a bicycle is both backward and forward.

Today the Tour Down Under rules the road in January but for the rest of the year, the town planners of Adelaide are designing the roads with bicycle lanes and parking realising that as the inner city population is increasing the flat terrain is perfect for mass bicycle commuting.

The bicycle dance performed by myself (Alicia Harvie) and Andrew Haycroft was a simple rediscovery of the bicycle. Two ancient animalistic creatures butted heads literally and metaphorically with a bicycle and rediscovered and sometime redefined the purpose and possibilities of its use.

As an artist I hope to continue to redefine and rediscover the purpose and possibilities of bicycle, energy and sustainability in the up and coming dance residency at The Mill with mentorship with Kate Champion of Force Majeure and support from Helpmann Academy/The Klein family. To see an article on this project click here.

P1090681 P1090635 P1090641 P1090476


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