MONO – Adelaide Fringe 2014

DSC_8054 DSC_7853DSC_8158 MONO_emailpics01 DSC_8091 DSC_7870

Monogram, Monochromatic, Monopoly, Monobrow, Monogamy are just a few MONO-isms you can hear chanted during the theatre performance of MONO, which was most recently presented at the 2014 Adelaide Fringe.

Mono was directed by Matthew Adey, a designer and director from Melbourne, who in February drove a truck to Adelaide jammed packed with a transportable world to be constructed including 4 actor, 2 lighting and sound designer and 1 stage manager with a litre of fake blood. The contents of the truck were delivered to an unused Clipsal warehouse in Bowden and the team  built a pristine white yet sterile set and sat it in the middle of the open dusty concrete floor.  The design was mesmerising and audiences were raving,.talked more about MONO. The next two months we talked more about MONO than any other show. Replays of scenes in our head, discussions about haunting characters, sneeky lighting effects, intricate details that escaped one person’s eyes but caught another’s and many jokes about MONO-isms were abound in our life. Mr Adey’s creation has made a lasting image that we continue to relive. The layers of performance we both only later grew a deep appreciation for have made MONO quite frankly…. exceptional. Thank You to all the MONO team for your work and team spirit. Click here for a review of the show in Aussie theatre.


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