Choreographic Futures Award

Have you heard of

It is an online community of people enthusiastic Abbeabout living in small spaces and who are looking for a special someone to share their lives with. A Tiny House Enthusiast seem mostly motivated by beating the expensive housing market, lowering their carbon footprint, having less clutter and are doing so by creatively redesign their lives. See this link.

In the heart of the Adelaide CBD is the newest artist hub The Mill, and in May 2014 a conversation concerning sustainability was bounced around between six emerging performers and mentor Kate Champion of Force Majeure. As predominately Adelaide based Artists the group reflected on their own lives and their city of Adelaide and how we personally and locally we are responding to lowering our carbon footprint.  The questions what can a dancer do in a small space, what choices do we have to lower the carbon footprint of the performance and would you live in a tiny house, began the process of developing a new work called ‘small world’ which is a second development in Dec was renamed ‘The Closet Activist’.

Video showreel of this work in progress during HERE

Rip it Up article here


Photograph by Chris Hertzfield

Choreographer and Mill Resident: Alicia Harvie

Residency Mentor: Kate Champion

Sound: Jason Sweeny

Dancers: Penny Dolling, Ben Roberts, Callan Fleming, Kendal Winton, Abbe Peters, Amy Hazell

Audience survey

How many square metres is your home?

How many people live in your home?

How comfortable are you at sharing a shower?

Would you rather downsize your home or live in the outer suburbs?

On a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you like maintaining your home?

Do you wish your lifestyle was less cluttered and more compact?

Would you rather a 8 X 8 metre home with a toilet or a 100 X 100 metre home but the toilet is a short bus ride? ‘