AICD Choreographic Competition

For the first time this year the Australian Institute for Classical Dance hosted a choreographic competition which attracted a high standard of choreographers to enter exceptional short works. One such choreographer was Tobiah Booth Remmers whom invited myself along with 4 other dancers to create a work in 4 weeks for the competition. The work required us to train our explosive strength as we powerfully expanded our bodies to fill the space to match the epic music that surrounded us. Opening with the climax of the work, Tobiah aimed to flip the journey of a typical work and launch the audience into the aggression and momentum of a group in unison. The second half of the work was a gradual unveiling of the layers of both the choreography and the dancers as they moved in and out of sync with each other breaking into unsettling, off balance and often manipulating solos and duets.

Whilst not the winner of the competition, Tobiah Booth Remmers was a clear stand out and an inspiration to work with.

Check out a clip here


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