Vitalstatistix Adhocracy Residency

Q: What did the chicken farmer say to the artist?

Q: What did the fish farmer say to the artist?

Q: What did the Aboriginal nursery and Herb farmer say to the artist?

Q: What did the urban gardener, the futurist, the wind farmer, the dairy farmer, the couple who live off their back yard produce, the SA fisheries researchers say to the artists?

A: Why do you want to talk to me?

In early June, Vitalstatistix Theatre Company commissioned Artistic Director Rosie Dennis of Urban Theatre Projects and 10 artists to have conversations with 10 non artists. The task was to explore the critical global issue of climate change and economic transition. The project was to talk to the very primary industry providers currently supporting our modern lifestyle and see what the future look like for them. We did speak to a futurist and a Youth Climate Coalalition who gave us some big picture thoughts about the future what what does the egg farmer see? Would they even tell a bunch of artists? What kind of art would that inspire? So, the artists packed up in a mini van and arrived at the door steps touring farms, eating produce and listening. Listening to the stories of how these people arrived where they are and what they see their future to look like?

The research practise inspired by Rosie Dennis is an approach that requires commitment to relationship with the people in the world around us. The response is to  re-imagines what theatre can be and who it can be for and finding new ways to tell contemporary Australian stories that show the uniquely personal within the universal.

To find out more check out the blog


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