Pantheon exhibition at The Mill

Featuring work of over 20 Adelaide Artists and culminating in a final immersive theatre and performance, Pantheon was an exceptionally curated exhibition that maximised the workshop spaces of Adelaide’s newest artist hub, The Mill. Choreographer Callan Fleming brought to life three unique spaces within The Mill’s warehouse with three bite size dances with maximum audience experience.

The first was a solo dancer (Margot John) exposed and framed closely by three bright white walls and some large headphones. The audience entered the world of the dancer when they too put on large headphones and zoomed in to the dancers rippling movement. It was like watching an avalanche on a ice capped mountain but in time delayed photography.

The second was a duet (Alicia Min Harvie, Kendal Winton) but at first appearance it was just two heavily dressed women, lurking around a fire in a drum near a car in the car park out the back of the warehouse. Audience were invited to take a drink from the barre and made to think the exhibition had ended when a dominating duet took over the space.

The third was a solo which not all who attended the exhibition participated in. This was due to the fact that you had to be invited but the invitation came with a dancer (Callan Fleming) who did not speak and wearing a face mask approach you and offer you a face mask and gesture of the head to follow him into an small dead end corridor. Not all accepted. If they did, they were uncomfortably backed up against a wall with no where to hide from the drunken, falling and recovering moments of the dancer expect to put on the face mask so at least when he came very close no one was breathing on each other.


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