Transcendental Hand Pas De Deux

Descartes_mind_and_bodyImage drawn by Rene’ Descartes

Transcendental Hand Pas De Duex, was a live art experience presented as part of 2014 Burning Conversations Conference hosted by Tabor Adelaide Yorth Work Department. The conference was designed to take their audiences beyond their current perspectives of youth work and spirituality, and in doing so stimulate new and evolving conversations. I called the expereince, Transcendental Hand Pas De Duex and in which the audience of two, underwent a ‘body sharing’ illusion. The ‘seeing is believing’ visual illusion [used in different forms in science and art (see here Body In Mind] and here Cat Jones)] was uniquely brought forth through a choreographed hand dance. The aim was to create a sense of connectedness through an experience of breaking down the ‘brain constructed boundaries’ of one’s body, and sharing it with another person – in most cases a stranger. You can click here to watch a short clip and enjoy seeing the participants responses.

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