Wonderland – theatre in a warehouse

Let me introduce you to Adelaide’s newest dance collective, The Human Arts Movement and their recent sell out show Wonderland, featured in a unused warehouse in the heart of the Adelaide CBD. Renew Adelaide is the not-for-profit organisation that develops creative enterprise in vacant space and secured the old Suzuki Warehouse on Waymouth Street for this immersive dark Alice in Wonderland inspired theatre work. Directed by Tobiah Booth Remmers and Assisted by Yasim Gurreeboo, the project was ambitious with the team collecting hundreds of boxes from the streets of Adelaide to build a maze of walls and creating a creepy twisted world for the audience to explore.

Watch the 2 minute showreel here or read about Wonderland in Rip it Up

Project Team

Director: Tobiah Booth Remmers

Assistant Director: Yasim Gurreeboo

Actors: Chrissie Page, Joshua Hoare, Clara Solly-Slade, Romina Verdiglione, Michaela Black

Dancers: Alicia Harvie, Kendal Winton, Catherine Wells, Hayley Kollveris, Abbe Peters, Alexandra Knox, Callan Flemming

Costume: Scarlett Doherty

Supported by: Renew Adelaide, The Mill, Track 3, AC Arts, Charles Cambell High School, Cirkidz, Soul Capoeria