The Closet Activist – 2nd development


Would you date someone who lives in a Tiny House? Is an eco night club a good place to meet a compatible friend? Do you find yourself talking to other people who own camelback drink bottle because it feels like you just get each other in the reusable drink bottle department? The Closet Activist is a physical theatre work recently supported by Carlcew Youth Arts in its early stage of development. After a showing at the Adelaide Festival Theatre Rehearsal Room 2 in December, the work is looking come to shift from the theatre contexts that it was developed and explore site-specific platforms for it’s future developments in 2016.

Video Documentation here

Project Team

Director: Alicia Min Harvie

Performers: Callan Flemming, Kendal Winton, Tobiah Booth-Remmers Josephine Were, Suzannah Kennet Lister

Industrial Designer: Benjamin Hobbs

Supported by The Mil, Carclew Youth Arts, Helpmann Academy, The Klien Family, Adelaide Festival Centre, Kings Park Community Church, Force Majeure, Ausdance SA, Images by Chris Herzfeld