Tour Down Under Glenelg Street Party

After successfully generating the electricity to power LED lights from bicycle pedal power for ‘The Closet Activist’ showing at the Adelaide Festival Theatre, I proposed to the Glenelg City Council that the same system could power the music for a street performance during the Tour Down Under 2015. After an electrical engineer from an automation company said that sound systems were too energy hungry for a small bicycle generator the proposed idea was seeming impossible but an extra big thanks to Benjamin Hobbs, the Industrial Designer and Artist who is not just a man with much knowledge but imagination to find ways to make things possible. So… amongst the celebrating lycra of the Glenelg Tour Down Under Street Party a simple bicycle and a classic record player sat in the middle of jetty road waiting for one of the many cycling enthusiasts to start to pedal. When the wheels began to spin the record player began to play (just like on the show Spicks and Specks). The dancers rocked out and the crowds gathered. You might have seen us on the Channel 9 morning show…

The project team:

Funded by the Glenelg City for the Tour Down Udner Street Party

Performed The Human Arts Movement collective dancers, Hayley Kollveris, Peter Vayne, Ruby Dolman, Eliza Meakin, Alicia Min Harvie

Choreographed by Tobiah Booth-Remmers

Industrial design by Benjamin Hobbs

Produced by Alicia Harvie

Technical support by Daniel Harvie


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