Splash Adelaide

Splash Splash Adelaide Bicycle Powered Pop Up Dance

Splash Adelaide commissioned The Human Arts Movement to liven the North Terrace landscape during the bustling lunchtime foot traffic of Adelaide university ‘O’ week and the Adelaide Fringe. The Human Arts Movement collaborated with Point A Parkour practitioners to produce their most physically thrilling performance yet. Several weeks were spent in the lunchtime sun exploring the possible choreographic potential of the park benches, lamp posts and foot path architecture. The collaboration led the dancers to find smooth ways to dive roll on concrete and the Parkour practitioners to sequence and arrange their exceptional freestyle skills. The interactive bicycle powered sound system was refined from the previous performance, the sound score pressed to record and the audience was invited to control the music and thus the performers. Only one game cyclists executed their power of the performance stopped pedalling to see what would happen just for fun.

Video Clip – click HERE

Project Team

Choreographer: Tobiah Booth- Remmers

Dancers : Peter Vayne, Hayley Kollveris, Katherine Gurr, Alicia Harvie, Kendal Winton, Ruby Dolman, Eliza Meakin

Point A Performers: Toi Toi, Daniel Pham, Harry Sutton, Anthony Rinna, splash 4Cody Trussler

Technical Support by Daniel Harvie, Benjamin Hobbs, Jason Harvie

Supported by Splash Adelaide Adelaide City Council, Point A