Time Capsule – development


Exciting times for the Arts in the Gold Coast as Director and Producer Kate Shearer sets up a new production company, SEEINGplace. Time Capsule is the company’s premiere work set to present in October 2016 in a series of empty shops in the heart of Southport.

I was fortunate to work on the first creative development in May 2016, which maximised the inside of an empty Telstra shop as a rehearsal studio for Director Kate Shearer and her cast of five performing artists and dramaturge. Kate brought to the table a historical time capsule that recently recovered from the old site along with stories from 60 hours of interviews with local residences who remember and loved the Sundale shopping mall, the first of it’s kind in Australia. Our role was to add a physical and visual layer to an entertaining audio tour takes the audience into the hearts and minds of the central figures of the mall and it’s passionate patrons.

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