ALT – a mini festival of contemporary performance



A mini-festival of contemporary performance.

Set at the Kirra Hill lookout, boasting the best beach views in the Gold Coast, is the most affordable community hall in the region and our most recent artistic haven for the development of a short work featuring in ALT.

The overall image and world of the movement and performance is drawn from an old black and white photo of a nameless relative who migrated from Prussia to Australia fleeing religious persecution. It is their wedding day, they are in black, they are not smiling and without any physical contact. Disturbing to the modern eye and a fascinating provocateur of the imagination the image is an illusion of the real life of those featured

The organ has such a unusual nature compared to other instruments as it is an enormous wind instrument that it can only be found in a few large churches and halls in the state. In connection to the era of the image, professional organist Sebastian Phlox created the sound scape of the performance, a combination recorded organ and live cello for the warehouse performance space.

Other artists included in ALT 2016 are Paulo Castro (Stone/Castro), The Human Arts Movement (dance collective), Matthew Shilcock (performance artist), Tanya Voges and Alison Plevey (performance artists), Nick Bennett (Actor) and Alicia Min Harvie and Asheligh White with Sebastian Phlox.

View the short work  HERE

Event Details
Dates and Times: Friday 7th August
Doors and Bar Open @ 7:30pm – Performances Start @ 8:00pm
Saturday 8th August
 Doors and Bar Open @ 6:30pm – Performances Start @ 7:00pm
 2nd Session
 Doors and Bar Open @ 9:30pm – Performances Start @ 10pm
 Tenth and Gibson
Cnr Tenth St and Gibson St, Bowden, Adelaide, SA 5007