DANscienCE Festival

DANscienCE 2015 brought dance Industry professionals together with science ad academic for a festival celebrating the wealth of science behind the moving body.

Within this context we presented Transcendental Hand Pas de deux

Which is a Live Art Experience and was in collaboration with Silke Mehler Massage Therapist and Performer

Transcendental Hand Pas De Duex facilitates for an audience of two, a ‘body sharing’ illusion. The ‘seeing is believing’ visual illusion [used in different forms in science and art (see here Body In Mind] and here Cat Jones)] was uniquely brought forth through a choreographed hand dance. The aim was to create a sense of connectedness through an experience of breaking down the ‘brain constructed boundaries’ of one’s body, and sharing it with another person – in most cases a stranger. You can click here to watch a short clip and enjoy seeing the participants responses.

Watch the Live Art Experience HERE