Time Capsule – Southport

After an excellent development in May, I was delighted to be apart of the full season of SeeingPlaceProduction’s TIME CAPSULE.

TIME CAPSULE was an exciting audio tour performance piece, in which memory mixes with technology, and physical theatre melds with recorded voices. Inspired by a real-life time capsule buried under Sundale Shopping centre in 1969 and interviews with locals residents, audience are given a headset and ‘guided’ to a series of empty shops and surrounds. It cracked open the time capsule on the past to remind us what we once dreamed and to reflect on what actually came to pass.
Concept/Direction: Kate Shearer, Sound Design: Guy Webster, Movement Dramaturgy: Veronica Neave, Stage 1 Sound: Tony Byrne
With collaborators: Kate Harman, Hsin-Ju Chiu (aka Raw), Charles Ball, Alicia Harvie, Silvan Rus, Hayden Jones.

4-14 November at 7pm, 8.45pm Thur & Fri

This project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland and the Regional Arts Development Fund which is a Queensland Government and City of Gold Coast Council partnership to support local arts and culture.


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