The Closet Activist @ Bleach Festival

The culmination of two creative developments over 2 years was the premier of The Closet Activist, at the Bleach Festival 2016 on the Gold Coast.

The work took the audience on a community bike ride upon discarded bikes carefully restored by the awesome group Village Bikes in Burleigh Heads. Whilst riding through the suburbs of Burleigh Waters the audience were charging batteries from their pedal power which they needed for lighting effects in the show.

MGPhotographey arriving at The Farm House the newest contemporary art house in a light industrial warehouse, the audience entered a dark space with two stationary bikes one to power the lights and the other the sound system. At choreographed times the audience members were invited to light up a scene or create sound for the movement.

The performance went from eco tattoo parlours to tiny house design to plastic waste and climaxed at the first eco night club on the Gold Coast. Here the audience danced their hearts out generating electricity from dancing on the dance floor.

There was sweat and smiles all round and we would love you to check it out in this 360 recording of the show to be uploaded.

360 video viewing instructions:

1.Open in google or chrome not safari

2. Make sure you tube it up to it’s maximum resolution

3. Click drag and scroll around the screen to explore the space

4 .Here is the link

5. If the 360 Video doesn’t work here is our 5 min summary


Credits: Creative team

Director: Alicia Min Harvie

Dancers: Ashleigh White, Callan Fleming, Gabriel Comerford, Viviane Frehner

Technicians: Benjamin Hobbs, Daniel Harvie

Visual Artist: Tony Stephens

producer: Julia Bridger

Sound tracks: Jason Sweeney

Feature Images: Chris Herzfeld

Mentors: Relative Creative and Seeingplace productions

Images: MGPhotographey

Sponsors and Collaborators

Village Bikes       Bleach Festival      Gold Coast City Council – Regional Arts Fund

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