Quarantine – The Farm

As a performer you often get immersed in the works that you create but for this creative development the audience was equally immersed.

The Farm in collaboration with Performing Lines, Arts Queensland and Brisbane Powerhouse invited guests to sign a waiver and become test dummies for their creative development for their new work “Quarantine”.

This development was exploring new territory and creating a new style of performance, something that sits in between theatre, LARP (Live action role playing) and video gaming. It was an immersive world where the audience was encouraged to participate in order to progress. Solve puzzles to explore the labyrinth. Sometimes they were led by us and sometimes they were on their own.
As a collaborator in the final stages of the work it was fantastic to see the interplay and teamwork of performers, choreographers, sound and light designers, digital artists and game makers.
If you get a chance to experience this work in the future… do itfarm!