Australian Tourism Exchange

“Surfers Paradise, where a man can wear a swimming costume and carry a briefcase and no-one will even notice” Sam Foster

What a fun job I have working with Shock Therapy productions and Bleach Festival to bring morning entertainment to the Glink (tram) for the Australian Tourism Exchange in the Gold Coast. May 15th -19th, 2016

Over 4 days guests enjoyed the antics of Tour Guide, Sandy Crotch, and his larkish commentaries of the Gold Coast. Accompanying Sandy on his journey aboard the Glink, was a Stunned mullet, a Meter Maid/Man, Al Baldwin the Sun Tan Man, a Kayak Tour guide, a Drop Bear, a German Tourist, a Lounge Lizard, an 80’s rocker, a Backpacker, an Independent Movie Director and 1950’s and 60’s beach dancing and more..

performed by..

Sam Foster, Veronica Neave, Jonathan Haslem, Alicia Min Harvie and Scott French