Plunge – creative development

14725475_10157487320540548_2979509008614136475_nPlunge was a another fantastic creative development with Seeing Place Productions team this October 2016.

Inspired by the architecture of the building and notions of scale and distance, audiences travel from the confines of a marshalling room to the darkened enclosure of the children’s pool area and then experience the heights of the 50m stadium viewing evocative images projected onto the water and building, created by Nathan Sibthorpe.

Writer/Director Kate Shearer has spent the last 3 months interviewing elite swimmers, coaches, high divers, synchronised swimmers, learn-to-swim parents and administrators to investigate our relationship with the pool and fuse their real stories with fiction. Using the very venue that will play a prominent role in the Commonwealth Games, Plunge delves into the pressures both internal and external on our athletes in a powerful new theatre work about taking a leap of faith and beginning again when you fall.

Writer/Director: Kate Shearer, AV Designer: Nathan Sibthorpe, Sound Designer: Guy Webster, Lighting: Gold Coast TAFE

Performers: Hayden Jones, Nicholas Hasemann & Alicia Harvie and members of the pool community.

Check out the little clip here

Future developments on there way…