Quiet by Nature

In the place where I call home, the ocean lives between the buildings. More than 466 kilometres of ocean wrap around and hug backyards, backdoors and urban jungle. But this enormous ocean is quiet by nature, if you live here you see it everyday but do you see what is really there. On occasions a cyclone floods the streets, on occasions our neighbour sees a shark or a dolphin and regularly we fish from the hundreds of pontoons that float with the tide for what lies beneath but the question is what lies between?

Quiet by Nature is a performance viewed from floating seats (Kayaks). The audience encountered a series of creatures which occupy the pontoon spaces. Embodying the urban life from above and the powerful ocean below, the dancers are torn between worlds as they wrestle with their urban and aquatic evolution.

Check out the Development Video Here: https://vimeo.com/228896112https://vimeo.com/228896112

Big thanks to Bleach Lab for allowing us the space to test and idea within the festival and also Generate/Gold Coast City Council for believing and supporting the idea.


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